How To: Make the most of a bad day


By Nicolette Audino

You wake up and realize that your alarm never went off and you are now 10 minutes late for class.You then sprint to class only to realize that you forgot your notebooks, pens and books. There is no way you can show up now.You give up and go to Reamer to buy a yogurt. On the way, you slip on a patch of mud in the grass and get your clothes dirty.

Later in the day, you spill your tray of food in the salad line in Upper and discover that your crush hooked up with someone else last night.

Rough day, huh?

Good news: you are not alone —everyone has bad days like this. These dreadful days may include a bunch of little incidents that all add up to total aggravation, or you may have one big problem that irks at you all day, making you sick to your stomach.

Little Orphan Annie reminds us that “the sun’ll come out tomorrow,” espousing the outlook on life we all wish we could have.

Unrealistic or not, this type of attitude is extremely important in getting you through that rough day. Annie had the right idea.

1. Take 30-40 minutes to yourself. Whether this means taking a nap, online shopping, grabbing your iPod and going for a run, or locking yourself in your dorm room, everyone needs alone time to process their thoughts and just breathe. During this time, don’t go over every detail of the bad moments, just relax.

2. Surround yourself with people who make you cheerful. Call your mother, talk to your best friend or seek advice from your coach.  Whoever makes you laugh, be around them—you deserve to laugh and smile!

3. Put on your best face. Walking around looking and acting grumpy will not make you feel better. Sometimes, holding your head up and smiling will become a habit for the rest of the day, and your attitude will change accordingly.

4. Make a list. Organize your day tomorrow. Looking to the future and knowing that your life will be more structured tomorrow will help you look forward to another day.

5. Think of your happiest moments. When have you been happiest lately? Whether it was on a Saturday night rejoicing with your friends or getting a compliment on your intellectual ability, remember how great it felt. Embrace and hold on to that feeling.

6. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Drop your tray in upper? Laugh with your friends and make a joke out of it. Trip down the stairs in front of the person you like? Laugh at yourself. There are way worse things that could happen.

7. Let it go. Enjoy the happy things going on today. My mother always reminds me when I complain about a bad day, “There has to be something that made you laugh or smile today, just think!” There always is. Let the other stuff go. It will be a distant memory before you know it.

8. Remember, “tomorrow is only a day away.” Corny, but true. Tomorrow is a new day. New opportunities, new moments, new memories. Today may have been bumpy, but tomorrow can be smooth as silk.


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