Earth Day: How can Union contribute?


By Kyle Lanzit

This year, Union will be host to a week of history, education and activism leading up to Earth Day 2012. For those of you who struggle to find examples of sustainability on campus, here’s a quick recap of what we’ve accomplished so far this school year.

Over our winter break an anonymous donor gave a substantial sum to the school’s multi-lateral sustainability group, U-Sustain.

This money has been put to good use by reinvigorating Union’s award-winning recycling program, which over the last three years has proven to be a reliable source of pride.

Since 2001, a recycling competition called Recyclemania has pitted hundreds of American colleges and universities against each other for bragging rights and national recognition.

In 2010, Union placed fifth in the Per Capita and second in Corrugated Cardboard divisions. Last year, the school finished first in both categories, and with one week of reporting left in the current competition, it looks as though Union will keep its bragging rights by finishing first again in 2012.

Many might find these numbers staggering, but it stands as a testament to the dedicated work of Union staff, faculty and students.

Speaking of which, Erin Delman ‘12 has realized her goal of creating a permanent committee to fund campus sustainability projects.

The Green Fee was established last term, and the Committee is currently accepting its first round of project applications, and will continue to do so until Tuesday, April 24. The Committee has $8,333 to dispense this term, so if you have a great idea but need some capital to make it happen, contact the Green Fee Committee Chair, Erin Delman.


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