Could Einstein be wrong?


By Joshua Ostrer

Could Einstein be wrong? Computer scientist, astrophysicist and now author, Phil Bouchard, believes so. Bouchard uses his experience in the fields of computer science and astrophysics to prove the Theory of General Relativity to be wrong.

Bouchard’s theory of disproving Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity is by no means simple.

“The theory is objective and predicts low scale GPS gravitational time dilation, the perihelion precession disparity for all planets, the gravitational light bending, up to the rotation curve for all galaxies, the natural faster-than-light galactic expansion, even the constitution of a black hole and the center of the Universe,” says Bouchard’s academic paper, Finite Theory of the Universe, Dark Matter Disproof and Faster-than-light Speed.

Bouchard believes that his research in this field is essential. “My motivation for the book was just that it was something that had to be done. It just felt right. I wrote the mathematics over 10 times. I just knew the old system didn’t make sense since the beginning,” said Bouchard.

All that is required to understand Bouchard’s theory is a background in mathematics and a little astrophysics. “My computer science degree is half mathematics, really; it’s just a matter of understanding astrophysics. I had the right skills… All I’m doing is calculus based on the laws of astrophysics,” said Bouchard.

The process of formulating and proving the theory has been a long process for Bouchard.

“The core mathematics took me a year or two, adding things to it once a week for a year. I tried to understand most of everything on my own. [The theory] was officially completed since October last year, using the Hubble constant (the speed of the galaxy as a function of distance from Earth),” said Bouchard.

However, it is not the creation of the theory that has caused Bouchard trouble, but more so the manner in which it has been received.

“The hardest part was professors were ignoring my work, washing their hands of it because they didn’t have time. Even if I did have the right answers, they didn’t have time. I don’t know why they didn’t support me if I had the answers,” said Bouchard.

Claiming to have proved Einstein wrong has also stirred up controversy for Bouchard. “Since 2009 I’ve been saying Einstein is wrong and there were plenty of astrophysicists who reacted negatively…they’d just tell me what didn’t make sense. It’s a tough crowd,” said Bouchard.

It is the implications of Bouchard’s theory that are the most attention-grabbing. “There are a lot [of implications]. I’m basically saying: faster than light speed is possible, gravity is a particle, and we should be able to create a tunnel that allows us to move faster than light to someone standing outside the tunnel,” said Bouchard.

“I can’t say if people will understand, but [his theory] is based on simple facts and we just need to move forward with technology and science,” said Bouchard.

Bouchard’s theory, contained in both his academic paper “Finite Theory of the Universe, Dark Matter Disproof and Faster-than-light Speed” and book by the same name can be found online and in stores.


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