Banana Republic’s ‘Mad’ fashion


By Elana Katz

It is no secret that the costumes of AMC’s Emmy Award-winning drama Mad Men epitomize classic 1960s fashion. From Don Draper’s skinny ties to Betty Draper’s floral tailored dresses, the characters are truly a stylish bunch. Even the often-drab Peggy Olson shines with lady-like pearls.
These articles are only a few of the fashions that Banana Republic, along with Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant, chose to reproduce for a contemporary audience.
The Mad Men Collection first debuted with great success last August, and a second line came out a few weeks ago in time for the fifth season premiere on March 25th. The collection features a fine array of the sixties fashions we’ve come to adore, with modern twists fit for each season at reasonable prices.
The latest collection contains simple and elegant women’s fashion, allowing shoppers to channel their inner Betty, Joan, Peggy, and even little Sally. Each piece makes use of 1960s razor-sharp tailoring with bright punches of color fit for springtime weather.
The Sleeveless Draper Dress is a perfect blend of both of these characteristics. Fitted and knee-length with a fuschia pattern, it mirrors the dresses Betty frequently wears on the show but would be complimented nicely today by wedge sandals and statement jewelry.
My personal favorite piece is the Lace Shell in white. The top utilizes the same feminine pattern as the Sleeveless Draper Dress and can be worn with sixties inspired cigarette leg pants or contemporary jean cut-offs.
The versatility of the collection speaks to the success of Banana Republic and Bryant’s fashion collaboration, each relying on their respective strengths to create a unique line.
The collection also features menswear with various tailored suits, checked collared shirts, and fedoras that Don and the boys at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce frequently sport. The line covers a wide spectrum of looks, ranging from casual to formal with 1960s orientated accessories to match.
In addition to this, Estée Lauder has created a line of makeup featuring Mad Men inspired lip rouge and lipstick. The color palette features blushes and reds, allowing women to embrace sixties makeup.
Don’t wait to jump on the Mad Men bandwagon; check out the Banana Republic Mad Men Collection, Estée Lauder’s makeup line, and season five of the show, airing Sunday nights at 10 on AMC.


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