Schenectady pedestrian hit by Union student in car collision


By News Staff

Update on 3/14/12 at 3:30 PM: Schenectady Police Lieutenant Mark McCracken stated that the Schenectady Police Department is unaware of the current condition of the Schenectady pedestrian who was seriously injured last evening after being hit by a car driven by a Union student.

McCracken explained that the police do not know how the victim is, but that he sustained ‘serious injuries and head trauma.’

McCracken also noted that the police officers on hand at the scene of the accident conducted a sobriety test on the Union student who hit the Schenectady pedestrian while driving.

For accidents involving serious injuries, McCracken said that sobriety tests are ‘standard operating procedure.’ He also emphasized that they are not an indication of inebriation.

The Schenectady Police Department is in the process of conducting an investigation of the accident.

Further updates will be posted once they become known. For more details regarding last evening’s accident, please see below:

On Tuesday evening at around 5:15 PM, a Union student hit a Schenectady pedestrian with a car at the intersection of Seward Place and South Avenue.

The student was departing from the Davidson parking lot before colliding with the pedestrian.

Schenectady police officers and firefighters confirmed that the victim is in critical condition with serious head injuries.

Ryan Harris `13, a resident of Arts House, was at the scene of the accident.

‘A guy was lying in the middle of the road, kind of slumped over. There was a student on [a] phone bending over the guy,’ Harris explained.

The identity of the victim has not been confirmed, but Schenectady police officers were able to clarify that the victim is a Schenectady resident.

The Schenectady Daily Gazette has also reported that the victim is an elderly man.

At around 6:00 PM, the victim was airlifted in a helicopter and transported to Albany Medical Center.

At this time, the current condition of the victim is unknown.

The Times Union has reported that the Union student who hit the pedestrian was not charged.


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