Letter to the Editor: In defense of Audino’s advice


By Micaela DeSimone

I am writing in response to “Letter to the Editor: Is that really how I want to impress a guy?” published in the March 1 issue of the Concordiensis. This letter was initially written in response to “HOW TO: Impress a guy you want,” by Nicolette Audino ’14, published in the February 23 issue of the Concordiensis.

To be blunt, I am astounded and slightly ashamed that such accomplished and well-rounded students who attend Union are extremely lacking of any true sense of humor. Audino’s article was not meant to promote misogynistic or chauvinistic ideals; rather, it was written in a witty and whimsical manner.

Let’s be honest ladies, most of us women would oftentimes appreciate a little advice when it comes to snagging the man of our dreams (or the man of the night), so the article was certainly appreciated by those of us who actually recognize the beauty of well written whimsy.

First and foremost, those that preached their opinions in last week’s paper fail to recognize the fact that Audino’s article was published in the Arts Section; therefore, the purpose of the article was not to inspire the next Gloria Steinum, but was for the purpose of entertaining the student body. If such students feel so strongly about the article that has been referred to as “extremely sexist and degrading towards women,” than why not protest the selling of such magazines like Cosmopolitan and Glamour in the bookstore, both of which contain multiple articles focusing on “How To: Please Your Man.”

I recognize the fact that the Concordy is a student-based newspaper, and major magazines like Cosmo are created for the intention of publishing such articles, however, if the responder’s to Audino’s article actually took the time to truly read and interpret the article, not only would they find the humor in it, but they would also grasp the fact that Audino is preaching inner confidence within women.

Critics of Audino’s article who chose to respond without grasping the underlying meaning of the writing should essentially re-read it, considering that their response was one written out of ignorance—ignorance of the fact that although Audino addresses the importance of appearance, she also states within the third sentence of the article that confidence is the most imperative and attractive thing that a women can contain. As stated in Audino’s article: “Looking your hottest, feeling your most terrific, and being the greatest you can be will boost your physical attraction, mental attitude and confidence.” In fact, tips number 6-8 in Audino’s article (#6 flirt and be yourself, #7 be confident, and #8 don’t be discouraged) preach the ideas of women being comfortable, confident, and secure in themselves and not to be discouraged if the man of the hour doesn’t seem interested. Because according to the implications of the article, if a woman is confident with herself than the man will eventually come to her, or he’s just an idiot and clearly not worth her time.

Thus, I suggest that before said student responders choose to flaunt their opinions on another article, they should first take the time to actually comprehend its true meaning. That being said, the student responders who are “engineers, biologists, writers, athletes, artists and thinkers,” might want to add a sense of humor to their repertoire of achievements.

 Micaela DeSimone ’14


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