WRUC presents ‘The Elephant in the Room’


By Nick DAngelo

Don’t worry, we’re not channeling Rush Limbaugh, but the Union College Republicans will be airing every Monday afternoon at 2 p.m. on WRUC 89.7 FM. We have taken our mission of creating real dialogue on campus to the next level with our new show, The Elephant in the Room.

The show, which is one of the first College Republican radio programs in the state, will focus on political issues ranging from the 2012 presidential campaign to happenings at Schenectady City Hall and those right here on campus.

In a mere four months, Olivia O’Malley and I have shifted this dormant club to one of the most politically active student led organizations on campus. Our mission remains, as always, to promote the ideals of traditional conservatism without the need to criticize other political ideologies. It’s part of a greater goal to step away from the partisan bickering associated with modern politics and embrace a healthy, open, and honest debate about where we stand as a nation and how we move forward.

We’ve only aired three shows, but have focused on every presidential primary, offering commentary on how the remaining candidates would affect our party if they were made the nominee. We’ve recapped our current work on campus, from our Flag Initiative to our efforts during the Schenectady mayoral race.

In addition, the show is also a way for members of the campus community to learn more about the philosophy of conservatism, and how it has been contorted in the modern Republican Party. The essence of the ideology must remain a stringent belief in limiting the size and scope of government in the private lives of her citizens—not religious zeal. The idea is to allow individuals to make their own decisions, not let government limit choices. It’s a new brand of common sense conservatism and we’re proud to be part of this positive renewal.

The Union Republicans have been named one of the state’s leading organizations by the New York State Federation of College Republicans, and for good reason. Despite some harsh criticism from faculty and alumni, we’ve stayed our course. Our message of a simple and respectful conversation has resonated with students of all political beliefs.

That’s why we hope you’ll be listening Monday afternoons, and we invite you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook or send us an email at TheElephant897FM@gmail.com.


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