Winter concert confirmed: Ingrid Michaelson and Eric Hutchinson


By Joshua Ostrer

On Feb. 24, Union students will have a winter concert. The Concert Committee has officially booked Ingrid Michaelson and Eric Hutchinson, who will both play in Memorial Chapel.

Ingrid Michaelson, whose most recent album was released exactly a month before her scheduled appearance at Union, has peaked at fifth on the U.S. Billboard 200.

Despite not releasing an album since 2008, Eric Hutchinson debuted his new single “Watching You Watch Him” on Tuesday.

Assistant Director of Student Activities Kerrie Wolf-Piechota is confident about the concert and the artists booked.

“It’s going to be an incredible show,” she said.

These performers really know how to make an interesting show for everyone.”

The concert was not without delay. The Concert Committee was unable to schedule a fall concert, although they had initially planned for one.

“We never could get an act booked in the fall. We contacted people, but had no luck… and once we reached week eight or nine it was really too late to schedule anything,” commented Wolf-Piechota.

Problems continued into the scheduling of the Winter Concert as well. The Cataracs, who were initially booked, backed out in the week between Christmas and New Years, through a clause in their contract. As a result, Student Activities had to scramble to find a new act.

“We had a very long list of possibilities, whittled it down, and they [Ingrid Michaelson and Eric Hutchinson] were what fit. They were the right price to fit the budget,” Wolf-Piechota said.

As upperclassmen may recall, previous concerts, like Passion Pit, have been held in the Fieldhouse. However, booking that space was impossible for this concert.

Wolf-Piechota explained, “The Fieldhouse gets booked very early and a concert booking involves booking the entire day.”

As a result, the concert will be held in Memorial Chapel, which is the second largest space for the event, beating out the College Park Ballroom. Memorial Chapel can hold approximately 900 persons.

Students can buy their tickets in advance on Feb. 9 and Feb. 10 at the student ticket pre-sale. Tickets will cost $5 per student and $20 for additional guests.


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