This week in fashion: The Grammys


By Elana Katz


Elana’s pick:While it might seem like an odd choice, I think the men of the Kings of Leon were the best dressed at the Grammys. Their black and brown Gucci suites were tailored perfectly, giving them a clean-cut, classy look. Little touches like bow ties, skinny ties, and thick-rimmed glasses really elevated their looks. Lead singer and guitarist, Caleb Followill made his ensemble stand out with the atypical color choice of his suit. The combination of mauve and burgundy was a nice and welcomed change.

Nicolette’s pick:Wearing a gorgeous open-back Gomez-Gracia dress, Carrie Underwood could have stopped New York City traffic with just one glance. From head to toe, Underwood was a vision in white and sparkles. With her flawless makeup and pretty up-do, Carrie Underwood hit home big time. What made me appreciate her ensemble even more were her earrings, which were bold yet did not distract from her dress. Underwood created a beautiful, elegant, and incredibly classic look from the front, and when she turned around it became sexy, sleek, and sophisticated.


Elana’s pick:In an orange sheer Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture gown, Fergie was most definitely the worst dressed at the Grammys this year. I am typically a fan of Fergie’s funky style. but in this instance I think she missed the mark. However, I give her a lot of credit for wearing this dress because it is such a risky choice. What does work is the color against her skin tone and the fit, showing off her lovely figure.

Nicolette’s pick:I know that Nicki Minaj might have been attempting to make a bold and controversial statement by waltzing on stage with the pope on her arm – to say nothing of her performance itself – but really? What was she thinking when she got dressed that day? Minaj, notorious for her creative and crafty pieces at award shows, stunned everyone when she stepped onto the red carpet in an all-red ensemble, with a bizarre structured hood surrounding her head and red gloves to accompany the theme. What was she attempting to do? That is still unclear. While the rapper has been known to express her vivid imagination through her music by creating alter egos, this outfit definitely goes beyond unique and exotic and moves into the category of just plain strange.


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