Sustainability spotlight: Greeks go green


By Tess Skoller

“Setting up the recycling infrastructure within the frats will not only help reduce the waste, but over time it should generate a good amount of money,” commented Max Davidson ‘13, who is helping with Greeks Go Green. “If we all get into the habit of recycling cans it will make a big difference in the long run.”

“Recycling is pretty new on campus; we only started recycling cardboard three years ago,” Lanzit said. He added that most of the Green projects have come from Ozone House such as Ozone Café on Fridays in Old Chapel, Campus Kitchens, the Octopus’ Garden and various other recycling programs.

Lanzit became especially concerned with the campus’ attitude on recycling when he contacted Facilities and was informed that there was no clear plan of how they were going to improve recycling.

“They don’t know how many bins are on campus or even where they are. There’s no coordination whatsoever,” he said. “The gist of my plan was ‘Let’s figure out what we’re doing so we can get better at it.’”

“We [U-Sustain] want to do things with Greek Life that are about getting involved and creating a bridge between what we’re trying to do and what they’re trying to do,” noted Lanzit.

Yewdell added, “If we could make this an annual thing, where Greeks Go Green raises money annually for U-Sustain, then that’s going Green enough.”


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