Student Forum Exec Board members elected


By Tess Koman

News Editor Tess Koman interviewed Joe DeMember ‘15 (left), the new VP of Multicultural Affairs.

TK: What does the VP of Multicultural Affairs do? What are your responsiblities?

JD: It is an executive board position on Student Forum that serves as a liaison between the multicultural affairs office at Union and student forum.

TK:  How do you plan to influence the members of our campus community?

JD: I met with Jason Benitez. One of our top priorities is to reconvene the Leadership and Diversity Committee, who are the leaders of multicultural groups on campus. According to Jason, it hasn’t been active in the past few years, and we’d love to get that going again. To make our efforts more effective, we’re going to try to promote initiatives from that committee.

TK: How do you think our campus is doing multicultural-wise?

JD: There’s always room for improvement nationwide. I think Union does a fairly decent job but we’re always working toward improvement. I’m really excited to work in this position. Despite being a first-year student, I think it’s a great opportunity to make an impact on this campus.

TK: What is your biggest goal as VP of Multicultural Affairs?

JD: My underlying goal as VP of Multicultural Affairs will be to bridge gaps between different groups on campus. The most critical step towards accomplishing this task will be reconvening the Leadership in Diversity Committee. Taking this step will conglomerate Union’s multicultural organization leaders and provide an open forum for intercultural discussion, laying the foundaton ncessary for structured, tangible progress.


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