New line pairs affordability with chic


By Elana Katz

You might think I’m crazy for even mentioning sandals in this kind of weather. But fashion is always one step ahead.

As a true lover of fashion collaborations, like Missoni for Target, I am particularly excited about this next mash-up that is already in stores. I thank the sartorial genius that came up with this one because it’s everyone’s favorite: Sam Edelman, for American Eagle.

Together they produced an affordable yet stylish line of shoes perfect for the spring and summer months.As college students, there’s nothing we love more than American Eagle’s twist on classy looks at affordable prices. But now, their all-American vibe is paired with Sam Edelman’s fashion forward and chic taste, really allowing for a merging of two worlds.

From the cream crocheted ballet flats, my personal favorite, to the various metallic gladiators, reminiscent of Edelman’s higher priced items, there is truly something for everyone. Some sandals are more intricate with different leathers and weaving but ultimately, every shoe is beautifully simple with a twist.

Also, the color palette reflects Edelman’s funky taste and American Eagle’s girl next door vibe. These two styles underscore the versatility of the entire collection.

From metallic to cream, the primary colors for the line, and are sure to go with everything like a summer dress or dark wash jean.

Best of all, this shoe line is an apt representation of both brands; really speaking to the success it has already seen in stores.


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