Letter to the Editor: Is that really how I want to impress a guy?


By Letter to the Editor

I am writing a response to the article “HOW TO: Impress a guy you want,” published in the Feb. 23 issue of the Concordiensis, instructing the heterosexual female student body on how to get their “guy.” I am torn on how to interpret this article. In one sense, this article is extremely sexist and degrading towards women. It reduces us to man-hungry students who obsess over our appearance. Yet, many women adhere to this common train of thought—in order to “get your man” you need to look your best at all times. I personally enjoy getting dressed up to go out on weekends. But I have to ask myself, since when is my ability to “get a man” no longer based on my personality or intelligence, and instead based on my physical appearance?

While I personally feel insulted that the Concordiensis would publish an article reducing the value of women to their appearance, I also believe that it is okay for women to embrace their vanity and find confidence in their appearance. Dressing up is not only about looking good for the guy you like, it is also about presenting the best you. In the end, do you really want to be with a person who only values your appearance?

The women at Union are more than just physical objects to be ogled and shown off; we are important members of the Union community. We are engineers, biologists, writers, athletes, artists and thinkers. I am more than just my appearance. In the end it will be my intellect and my personality, not a body conscious mini skirt or my cup size, that helps me impress a guy.


Jamie Langweil, Amy Sidoti, Irina Zhorov, Sarah Keller, Victoria Leach, Melissa Procton,

Bin Chen, Maggie Weinreb, Danielle Young, Ali Littlefield and Jaclyn Salzillo


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