Letter to the Editor: Golub’s response to previous Concordy coverage


By Letter to the Editor

After reading the article that appeared in the Feb. 9 edition of the Concordiensis entitled “Price Chopper Protests,” I must address the misrepresentations and assumptions made by journalist Nicholas Brenn.

When Brenn and I spoke prior to his writing the article, I was clear in representing Price Chopper’s confusion as to why a group of strangers claiming to have a union ‘labor dispute’ was standing outside of our ‘non-union’ company’s main office holding a sign with our name on it.

When Brenn reached out to me via voicemail for ‘additional comments’ a few days later, he did so without sharing any of the details gleaned from his conversation with the picketers and without seeking confirmation of any information relating to Price Chopper.

I responded via voicemail; we never spoke a second time.

So, I was particularly offended by the conclusion of the article, which reports that I was given “this new information about the dispute” and “asked about Ron Wright Inc.” before offering ‘no additional comment’.

The fact is that until I read the article, I wasn’t aware that the picketers represent a group of union carpenters who are unhappy that they weren’t hired by a Syracuse-based general contractor named Ron Wright, Inc.

And I have to wonder why Brenn didn’t call Ron Wright, Inc., to ask for their response to the carpenters’ claims, given that they, not Price Chopper, are identified as the other party to the dispute in question.

In the interest of setting the record straight and lending some balance to this article, I’d like to clarify the following points:

• Price Chopper hires only reputable general contractors to handle its construction projects.

• Price Chopper chooses general contractors – from both union trade and open shops – based on the quality of their work, first, and on the competitive price of their bid, second.

• As is standard in the construction industry, general contractors independently hire all of the sub-contractors who work on a given project.

• By allowing an individual (in this case, Brian Notebloom) to supply you with a “quote” for another individual (Bill Sweet), you corroborated “hearsay,” which has no place in reliable journalism.



Mona J. Golub

VP Public Relations and

Consumer & Marketing Services

Price Chopper Supermarkets


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