Letter from the Editors: Please don’t engrave this on a brick


By Editorial Board

As seniors, we only have 15 glorious weeks remaining on campus before being booted out into the real world. But we have already received solicitations to give back to Union.

“Help maintain the value and prestige of your degree,” commanded the leaflet in our mailboxes. “Join your fellow classmates in leaving a legacy with Union College!”

Okay. We’re happy to do this. In fact, one of us has already collected his complimentary T-shirt.

However, we have one small request for the Senior Committee. Please, please don’t engrave the senior icon anywhere on campus.

As veteran journalists, we know how difficult it can be to make a good graphic. So why didn’t the committee go the extra mile and find an experienced graphic designer to make our icon?

The current icon is amateurish at best; we have no idea how it won the seniors’ votes. Below, we’ve ennumerated the different reasons why we don’t like it.

Engraving the senior icon on a brick is an expensive, gratuitous gesture. Frankly, we don’t want to be associated with it.

Ajay Major, Aleena Paul, and Aviva Hope Rutkin

Editors-in-Chief and Managing Editor


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