Ingrid Michaelson performs


By Tess Koman


On Feb. 24, Ingrid Michaelson and Eric Hutchinson performed at Memorial Chapel. Over 700 tickets were sold for the event.

While Hutchinson was running late for sound check, Michaelson sat down for an interview with the Concordiensis staff. After being serenaded by the Garnet Minstrelles, she answered a few questions about how her career began.

was the first show to place my music,” said Michaelson.

In 2006 after many songs from her first album were picked up by the medical drama, her fan base immediately increased.

“I had a show in New York a few weeks after that and there was a line of about 200 people and I was like ‘who are you here to see?’ and they were like, ‘Ingrid Michaelson!’ They didn’t even know what I looked like, they just knew my songs from the show. And I was like, ‘THAT’S ME, YOU’RE COMING TO SEE ME!’ From then on, it just escalated. It helped me jumpstart my career.”

From there, her most famous song to date was picked up by Old Navy. “The Way I Am,” played for months around the country showcasing a line of its sweaters.

Michaelson acknowledges how important the commercial was for her career.

“If the song is great and the commercial showcases it in a great way, it’s the perfect way to introduce the song to millions of people who have never heard it before,” she said.

She is now constantly asked to showcase her music in television commercials, but, “I’m at a point now where I don’t have to say yes because I can financially keep going.”

While many only remember her popular songs from the Old Navy commercial and Grey’s Anatomy, Michaelson has created music about which she feels more passionate.

Her latest album, Human Again, came out last year and was the product of her personal growth.

“To me, it’s the next logical step in my growth as a musician and a person. I think a lot of my older stuff is cutesy and very, you know, singer-songwriter, girl-in-a-field type of thing and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’ve done that enough and I wanted to sing out. I’m a woman so I wanted to sing like a woman and write like a woman so I did. People want me to be a girl still and want to keep me the way I am…no pun intended. You can’t ask anyone to stay the same their whole lives. Just embrace it, you know?” she explained.

That being said, college shows are some of her favorite performances. “College kids are more carefree than other people and they’re…a lot more willing to let go and have fun, so the shows are a lot of fun usually.”

Judging from the mini-mosh pit that formed at the base of the Memorial Chapel stage, Union students generally fit that bill.


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