HOW TO: Walk in high heels


By Nicolette Audino

We’ve all seen it. In fact, we’ve probably all been there.

Ladies, have you ever witnessed someone struggling to walk gracefully in fabulous five-inch stilettos on a Friday or Saturday night? Have you been that girl who opts for her flats rather than her new, sexy heels on a night out simply because you are afraid that you won’t be able to dance, walk, or even move at all?

There are so many adorable pairs of shoes that intimidate girls who think they cannot comfortably wear them, but this does not need to be the case.

Though formidable to those unaccustomed to wearing shoes with added height, stilettos do a magnitude of wonderful things for girls.

First, they give you an extra few inches, making you look more slender and creating a longer silhouette.

Second, you are getting a work out everywhere you go because high heels help tone calf muscles. Forget the leg machine at Breazzano Fitness Center or your morning jog, wear a pair of stilettos while cleaning your dorm room!

Third, a pair of heels can complete an outfit.  Union girls are known to be stylish, but a fabulous pair of shoes can drastically improve any outfit.

This weekend, throw on your favorite pair of stilettos and follow my simple guidelines for walking in high heels:

Break them in.  Do not wear a new pair straight out of the box.  You could end up with blisters, cuts, or discomfort all night. Wear them around your dorm until you feel more comfortable in your shoes.

Choose the right size. If your heels are too big, find a soft piece of material that you can shape to the front of the shoe and slip it in, creating a “shoe pad.”  This will give you that extra tightness you need. If the shoe is too tight, just don’t wear it.

Be realistic. If you have never walked in heels before, don’t go out and expect to be able to wear a seven-inch pair. If you are a virgin-heel-wearer, stick with around two or three inches at first and ease your way into it.

Take your shoes off while getting ready. Keeping anything on your feet for too long can make them start to ache.

Opt for a pair of heels with a platform in the front. Having a shoe with a flat front bottom leaves it too close to the pavement, causing it to ache. The extra platform helps balance out the shoes’ height.

Don’t focus on your shoes. The more you think about them, the more you are going to psych yourself into thinking that your toes are slowly getting crushed.  Pretend you know what your doing.

Have fun! Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself how good those shoes look. The more positive your attitude about your shoes and your appearance, the better off you will feel.

Don’t give up! Practice makes perfect. Wear them as much as possible.  Soon, wearing high heels will be a breeze!


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