HOW TO: Impress a guy you want


By Nicolette Audino

With the warm weather approaching and spring soon to arrive, it is time for a fresh start.

Every time a new term unfolds, it is always an opportunity to look, feel, and be your best.  Looking your hottest, feeling your most terrific, and being the greatest you can be will boost your physical attraction, mental attitude and confidence.

After spending hours in the library, doing homework and studying for exams, it is time for a break. As girls, we all have crushes—guys we think are attractive and have that sexy, special swag.

Whether that guy you have your eye on is in the Gospel Choir or plays a varsity sport, it is time to step up and show him who you are and impress him with what you have.

Every woman has the opportunity to get any guy she wants as long as she wants him for the right reasons.

Chances are there is a good reason why you have a crush on that specific guy—maybe he is your physical type, he could share your same interests, or he could have melted your heart in Dutch Hollow when he bought that person who ran out of declining their sandwich.

No matter what the reason is, you have some type of connection to that person. Why sit back?

Now ladies, I am not saying attack him.  Don’t be a lioness and pounce on this random guy in the middle of a frat party. I mean, sure, he probably wouldn’t mind, but that’s not how you want to portray yourself.

Going for it doesn’t have to mean actually going for it.  Instead, settle for these subtle tips that will get you noticed.

1. Look your best during the week. Get up every day 20 minutes early to primp your look.  If there is someone out there that you could potentially see during the day, don’t you want to look your best?

Instead of rolling out of bed and putting on your largest sweatshirt, check the mirror. Put your hair in a cute style, put on a little mascara and put together a nice outfit. It only takes a few more minutes.  If you always feel rushed in the morning, put your outfit together the night before.

2. On the weekend, wear the outfit you feel hottest in.  Everyone has different items in their closet that they feel best in. Put on the outfit that you feel not only beautiful, but also comfortable in. Throw on your cutest little black dress and a sexy pair of heels and strut your stuff around the party.

3. Find out where he hangs out.  Don’t be a stalker and follow him around every moment of the day, but finding out where he and his friends hang around is always be a good thing.  For him to notice you, you have to be seen.  Drag your friends to that place and have a good time.  Dance with your girls, socialize and have fun.  Make friends with his friends.

4. Have a good wingman. This may sound silly, but it is important to have a good friend by your side, especially when you first want to get noticed by your crush.  A wingman can give you the confidence you need to go up to that guy and strike up a good conversation because it makes it more of a group thing. Plus, it may be less intimidating for the guy in case he has his eye on you too and is too nervous to approach you.

5. Play a little hard to get. Don’t follow him around, wait around for him, or try too hard. Enjoy yourself!  It will show him that you don’t need him—you just WANT him!

6.  Flirt and be yourself.  My best friend and I always joke around about flirting because our techniques are so different.  It is  important to flirt, but do it the way you do it best.  The guy you are after is probably going to like the way you flirt and if he doesn’t then he probably isn’t for you.  Once you start a conversation, find a common interest and run with it.

7. Be confident.  I cannot say it enough—confidence is the key to everything. If you are feeling confident, you can get anything you want. To any male, confidence is the number one attractive quality in a female.

8. Don’t get discouraged. If that guy you like ends up hanging out with another girl that night, don’t fret! Everyone has a past, and maybe he hasn’t gotten a chance to talk to you yet.  If you are positive that you like this guy, stick with it.

9. Don’t miss out.  If he didn’t pay attention to you, never let it ruin your night.  Creating memories and moments with friends is the most important part of life, so don’t let a guy distract from that.  There are plenty of fish in the sea!


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