Greeks look ahead: Sitting down with IFC


By Ryan Bottin

Our Advertising Manager Ryan Bottin sat down with the Interfraternity Council (IFC) President Oliver DeClue ‘13 and Vice President of Alternative Programming Andrew Griffen ‘13 to talk about what the governing body currently does and what they’re planning to do in the future.

Q: What does your position entail?

DeClue: I communicate and deal with the logistics of running the Greek community. I also help officiate and deal with the judicial side of Greek-related matters. A lot of what I do is working with the other IFC representatives to make sure everything runs well. Making sure parties run smoothly and safely on the weekends is one of my largest priorities.

Griffen: I plan and coordinate various late night events hosted by Greek houses opened to all campus as an alternative to mixer-style parties. I’m also working to raise sexual assault awareness on campus. My position is actually new this year. It was initially managed by the VP of Education, but Tim Dunn wanted a greater emphasis placed on these events as a social alternative, so he created it for this year.

Q: What are your future goals and what improvements would you like to make from last year?

DeClue: I really am striving to create a larger Greek presence on campus that isn’t centered on weekends. A lot of philanthropy is done every year but isn’t publicized to the campus community, so I’d like that increased. Overall, I really want to diversify the Greek image in every way possible.

Griffen: More consistent events with better planning would definitely be my number one priority. I want our alternative events to appeal to a wider range of people, and I am confident this can be accomplished through greater advertising throughout campus.

Q: What alternative events should we be looking forward to?

Griffen: Right now, I am planning to host an open-mic night with AEPi at Arts House and planning poker tournaments with other houses houses. I am currently coordinating with the Women’s Union to put on an all-male version of the Vagina Monologues to raise money and awareness on campus.

Q: Parting words?

DeClue: I’m just really excited to lead the IFC and help it run more sleekly and more efficiently over the next couple years.

Griffen: Alternative events are really a great way to hold non-exclusive functions where different people on campus can come together to have fun and meet other people in a personal setting. I’m eager to see them grow in popularity.


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