Following the Fellows


By Mark OShea

Minerva Fellow Brendan Kinnane ‘11 and I have spent the last seven months living in Ddegeya Village in Southern Uganda.

We have spent our time here working on a handful of different projects, including helping in the health clinic where we live, teaching sixth and seventh grade math and English at a local primary school, working on restoration projects at that school and assisting John Kalule (the manager and co-founder of Engeye Health Clinic ) with the scholars program associated with the clinic (which sponsors 24 kids to go to some of the best schools in the region).

In addition, our primary focus is now on the construction of a 53,000 liter water tank that will be hooked up to provide running water to the clinic.

With the addition of running water to the clinic, Engeye will be able to expand the number of services they provide greatly which may include dental care as well as emergency cesarean sections; neither of these services are currently offered in the region.

The tank we are constructing will be completely buried.  The digging is nearly complete (about 15 of the necessary 20 feet have been dug) and the materials for the construction of the physical tank have already been purchased. To check out the progress of the tank and its construction or  to learn more about the project take a look at my blog at


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