Following the Fellows


By Amanda Wald

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Amanda Wald. I graduated from Union last year and I am a member of the fourth group of Minerva Fellows.

Seven months ago I embarked on one of the most influential journeys of my life. My fellowship program is, as the Minerva Fellows committee puts it, a wild card. Let me tell you, based on my adventures to date, that name could not be better suited for this experience!

My intentions when coming to Ghana were to facilitate vocational skill expansion and social inclusion projects for a school for special needs children. So far, I’ve been able to do much more than that.  Along with the aforementioned projects, I’ve worked at another local school where I taught, set up various avenues for improved communication, helped fundraise locally, and f­acilitated an educational psychology course. I’ve also been running a weekly women’s group to discus various health issues; we’ve even built a garden to improve their access to nutritional foods.

In my time in Ghana I’ve seen firsthand the amazing outcomes that are possible when people, myself included, are encouraged and given the right tools. The fellowship has encouraged me, and countless others, to set out for social good and the experiences I’ve had at Union, in and outside the classroom, have provided me with the needed organizational and leadership skills along with intellectual competence to succeed.

My best advice for those reading this is: learn from everything, exceed expectations.


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