Fighting for the children, both abroad and in America


By Matt Olson

Chelsea Secor ‘12 is teaming up with Two Degrees to feed the hungry.

“Two Degrees is a company based in San Francisco with a one-for-one model: for every Two Degrees bar that is sold, a meal is donated to a malnourished child in a developing country,” she said.

According to Two Degrees, nearly one billion children around the world suffer from some form of hunger, which is what stimulates their mission to feed as many hungry children as possible.

Malnutrition is the number one killer of children in underdeveloped countries. This is due to their weakened immune systems which do not allow them to fight off infection.

Two Degrees dedicates themselves to stopping worldwide hunger, especially in areas of Africa and South America where children do not receive proper nutrients.

The nutrition bars, which are sold in Dutch Hollow and Rathskellar, are all-natural vegan bars that are low in sodium and gluten-free.[pullquote]

“For every Two

Degrees bar that is sold, a meal is donated to a malnourished

child in a developing


Chelsea Secor ‘12

Two Degrees Campus Director


Currently, there are three flavors (cherry almond, apple pecan and chocolate peanut) with a new flavor (chocolate banana) coming soon.

“To spread the news about Two Degrees and their mission, the company thought it would be a good idea to have college students be Campus Directors on their college campuses. That’s what I am,” Secor said.

The job of the Campus Directors in the company is to spread the word about the bars to their campus. As the company says, for every bar sold, a child is fed. Secor has sold the bars to dining services and is currently working on selling the bars to local businesses.

“We try to make the business as well known as possible by making videos, taking pictures, hanging posters around campus, and designing T-shirts,” she expressed.

The company works with several other companies, including Valid Nutrition, Relief International, Partners in Health, IMA World Health and Action Against Hunger.

“I enjoy being a Campus Director because I like being part of such a great mission that this company has,” she said.

Secor holds samplings of the bars on campus to raise awareness of not only the taste of the bars, but the reason the nutrition bars are in existence to begin with.

Ultimately, Two Degrees wants to feed 200 million children. According to Secor, so far, the company has sold 255,000 bars.

Two Degrees continues to expand its company and feed more children. It is their mission to stop worldwide hunger, once and for all.­­­­


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