Farewell from the Managing Editor


By Aleena Paul

I first walked into the Concordiensis office in the October of my freshman year, a little timid and unsure of my motivations for venturing into the world of journalism. Now nearly four years later, I still cannot point to what inspired me to make that initial trek into Reamer 406. But I am glad I did.

I cannot image my college experience without the Concordy. This newspaper and its staff have defined me.  It is in this office that I learned to think critically, to write eloquently, and to debate the serious and the not so serious. I have become unafraid to vocalize my opinions or to appreciate the perspectives of others.  I have had the opportunity to work with the most supportive and passionate staff. I have made some of my closest friends.

This office and its staff are home, and I am sad to leave it. I will miss my purple editing pens, the off-key renditions of “Defying Gravity,” the questionable humor and the not-so-secret stash of tea and honey.

I will not miss going to bed post 2 a.m. most Wednesday mornings, the sly remarks on typos missed, or those who have tried to suppress the campus’s right to know.

As my time with the Concordy draws to a close, I especially thank the many copyeditors over the years who have contributed their critical eyes and pens to upholding the rigorous standards of journalism. I thank the staff for putting their hearts into their pages week after week. And I thank my peers for picking up the paper on Thursday mornings, and for your comments and constructive criticism; you have allowed the Concordy to remain the voice of Union College.

I wish the new Concordy staff the best of luck. May your Concordy days and nights be filled with excitement and camaraderie.



Aleena Paul



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