Extreme paintball play


By Matt Olson

Paintball provides fun and a challenge for all those wishing to play. Christos Theodorou ‘12 wants that to be made clear.

“Check it out. There’s nothing wrong with saying that you’re new,” said Theodorou.

Theodorou became involved in paintball several years ago, long before coming to Union.

He still remains highly active in the sport. He is a big fan of not only the game, but the strategy of it as well.

“I’m a history major, but I like to think of myself as strictly a military history major. I’m big into tactics. I love to play because there’s a lot of strategy involved, from the weapons to the way each individual game is played. It’s not just about who can put the most money into their weapons,” said Theodorou.

When asked about his favorite memory of paintball, Theodorou said, “One time, we went to a tournament, which was a pro-am event. Some of the guys there were insane, like ex-Navy Seals. They won a round in the tournament without even firing a shot.”

Although the Paintball Club here at Union encourages all people to join and play, Theodorou did say that he loves the challenges that players with skills bring to the table. Paintball Club, however, welcomes players of all experience and skill level.

“I don’t like playing with surrender rules. When I was just learning to play, there were tons of safety precautions. If someone within 20 feet of you was about to hit you, you had to surrender yourself.”[pullquote]

“Some of the guys there were insane, like ex-Navy Seals. They won a round in the tournament without even firing a shot.”


Theodorou made it especially clear that there was a managerial issue with the club in the fall term, but that it has been settled.

“No one really wanted to take the responsibility in the fall, so I stepped up and decided to beome more involved in the club.”

He said, “It’s difficult to find games outdoors in the winter, because paint freezes. It can cause damage to the weapons, which increases the amount of money we and the host site have to spend. But we do have outdoor events scheduled for the spring.”

There are also a lot of leadership opportunities for anyone wanting to get more involved in the club.

Theodorou is a senior, and the treasurer of the club is a junior.

Theodorou said that there has been a lack of membership with the club, mainly because there is the fear factor of balls of paint being fired from a gun at you.

He can understand why this fear would be present, but for him, however, he said that is the reason he likes it the most.

“In the beginning, yeah I had a little fear, but I think that’s why I liked it. It was always a challenge. There were some really nuts people I got to play with.”

Theodorou wants the whole campus to know about Paintball Club and the people that compete with them.

­­­­“If you decide to join the club, you’ll be playing with some highly skilled and insane guys. But the club is willing to play the game any way that it needs to in order to satisfy all club members. Most importantly, everyone needs to remember that it’s just a game, and we’re all here to have fun.”

And that, for Theodorou, is the best part of it all.


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