Ciao Bella U! Campus says hello to jewelry sale


By Matt Olson

You may have seen the sparkling necklaces, earrings, and bracelets whilst exploring Reamer during common lunch. ­­­­Perhaps you may have heard friends from other colleges talking about them on their own campuses.

The company is Bella U, opened by Trish Jenkins.

Jenkins developed the idea to open a jewelry store after backpacking around the world soon after graduating from Boston University in 1995. She brought the ideas home with her and developed the company from there.

Today, Bella U has developed into a top-of-the-line jewelry company that sells necklaces and earrings indigenous to all parts of the world.

Although Jenkins’s company primarily travels around college campuses, the jewelry is applicable to all ages.

The name itself describes it’s ties to colleges and universities. The U in Bella U is a play on “university” that some schools use in their names. Bella U travels around the country to liberal arts schools and research universities, among other schools, to spread the word about their products.

Jenkins herself is the designer of the jewelry along with her husband, Kevin.

Her ideas come from all parts of the world and she travels to Nepal and Thailand several times a year to discover new beads and pearls that can be used in her designs.Jenkins also receives support from her mother, Mary Ann, who travels with her around the world and also helps with the production and creation of new jewelry.

Jenkins describes the company as “fashion savvy.” Over the past ten years, the company has come to work with other manufacturers that have similar interests to Jenkins’s company as her own company expanded.

Although Bella U has its roots and foundation in college campuses, they also provide jewelry ideas for weddings, a recent addition added to expand the company’s horizon.To take advantage of Bella U, Jenkins has completed a new website, which highlights her story and also features some of her most popular jewelry.


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