An editor’s farewell: Reflections and perspective


By Erica Fugger

As the saying goes, ‘All good things must come to an end.” Such is true in life. And college. But there is often much more to the tale.

If I were to say that this narrative culminates with the retirement of a Concordiensis editor, it would serve to be quite an anti-climactic story. Instead, I assert that there is a vast amount still to be written, surely in the progression of my own life, but, most importantly, about the many pursuits of this campus community.

During my four years at Union, I have seen great changes occur within the confines of the Concordiensis. From layout redesigns to website development, I have long been in awe of the hard work and dedication of the newspaper staff.

Campus news coverage has been transformed through the live Tweeting of keynote events and “STOP THE PRESS!”-style special editions preceding the scurry of finals week.

Such shifts echo the developing nature and daily excitement of Union College. While some may argue that our generation relies on superficial means of interaction, I alternately see the positive impact technology has had on mankind.

On campus, there is a growing sense of support for the arts, suggesting perhaps that the incessant emails and constant texting can indeed muster an eager crowd. Increased appreciation for theater productions, artist exhibitions, concert series, and dance performances has become apparent at this college in light of mass media consumption.

Through my time on the newspaper staff, I have had the incredible opportunity to speak with many of these talented students and faculty, musicians and artists, protesters and even the Associated Press.

For the larger part of my college years, I did not even realize that my immense enjoyment of such interactions was driving me towards an actual career path. Good thing I figured that one out before I left Union.

With all of these scattered thoughts in mind, it is with great joy and pride that I pass along the Arts section of the Concordiensis to my successors. Having worked with Sam Bertschmann as a co-editor these past two terms, I am highly confident in her capability to convey the many facets of the artistic world. Knowing Elizabeth Nailling’s potential as a budding journalist, I am also highly thrilled for her addition to the editorial staff.

And so, it does appear as if the story does not end just yet. It progresses forward (sometimes sideways and often diagonally) for years to come. As long as campus creativity lives on here at Union, I am confident that liberal arts education will thrive.

Erica FuggerArts Editor


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