After two years, the editors-in-chief say goodbye


By Ajay Major

It’s been a long two years here in the Concordy office.

A few weeks ago, I punched a few numbers and calculated—much to my co-editor’s chagrin—that we have spent a cumulative three months in our perch atop Reamer. Three whole months spent physically present within the four walls of Reamer 406.

As my tenure with the Concordiensis draws to a close, I think back more and more on those three months. The laughter at vulgar jokes told and sappy headlines written. The feeling of triumph as we finished each of our fifty-two issues. The ire at letters received and letters sent. The nagging frustration as we thanked people for their opinions day after day.

Those three months in the office have defined my experience here at Union. Looking back, I cannot imagine these years without the rushes of adrenaline as big stories broke and the tired nights spent adjusting picas and prose. My patience was tested, my resolve was broken and I loved every moment of it.

The Concordiensis has taught me countless lessons about leadership, people and the more practical aspects of this dying art called journalism. Most importantly, this journey has taught me how to accept failure, admit defeat and fight for something in which I so passionately believe. I am no longer the foolish sophomore who stumbled into this position two years ago. And for those of you who disagree: thank you for your opinion.

And so, before the curtain closes on these wonderful two years and the orchestra begins its final chorus, I have just a few people to thank for making this newspaper possible.

To the two exemplary editorial staffs which I had the honor of serving: thank you. Thank you for putting up with my boisterous and undoubtedly irritating behavior as I backseat edited and critiqued your layouts and imposed seemingly ridiculous stylebook rules. I cannot thank you enough for humoring our little projects and experiments – you made those three months worth it.

To late-night high fives as we finished each issue, intense and occasionally painful.

To our fellow students who threw away our papers and called us ‘decidedly anti-Greek’ and threatened investigations of our office: a warm and wholesome thank you. You taught us more about ourselves and what it means to be a proud member of the Concordiensis family.

To Campus Safety for checking in every Tuesday night and letting us edit the nights away.

To the writers and photographers and copyeditors and graphic designers who make the Concordiensis happen week after week. You make me proud to carry my Concordy lanyard.

To the ‘Concordy warriors’ that roam the campus, fighting for free speech and the voice of a newspaper that is steadfastly by students and for students.

To Aleena, for keeping me sane and always knowing what to say.

And finally, to Aviva, my dear friend and partner-in-crime. I simply could not have done it without you.




Ajay Major, Editor-in-Chief


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