A cause for lower-income families


By Matt Olson

Medicine, Education, Development for Low-Income Families Everywhere, commonly known as MEDLIFE, is an organization devoted to helping low-income families and individuals in third world countries receive the best health care possible.

E.J. Feld ‘14, a student involved in the organization, believes in its mission.

“I plan on becoming a doctor in the future, and one of the missions I hope to devote myself to is healthcare in third-world countries,” Feld said.

MEDLIFE has committed itself to projects in countries such as Peru, Ecuador and Panama.

Feld recommends any students that are pursuing careers in healthcare to check out the MEDLIFE club, as it can open doors to other opportunities.

“At some point in my life, I want to be involved with Doctors Without Borders, but for now MEDLIFE is a way that I can begin accomplishing my goals,” Feld said.

Some of the events that MEDLIFE puts on around campus are movie showings, the most recent being Sicko.

Also, volunteers at Union fundraise money, with all of the proceeds going back to the national organization.

“If I could tell the Union campus one thing about the MEDLIFE club on campus, it would be that there are so many ways for students to get involved,” said Feld. “We are constantly looking for new ideas and volunteers for fundraising.”

MEDLIFE at Union also sends students on brigades to Ecuador and Peru, so that these students can experience first-hand the need for adequate healthcare around the world.


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