Passing the torch: an editor’s farewell


By Katie Manko

When I first started writing for the paper my freshman year, I defined a news story as just reporting campus news—speakers, concerts and club events. It meant informing readers of weekly events, whether from the week before or for the week after. Then, sophomore year, the standards changed.

Upon the election of Aviva Hope Rutkin and Ajay Major as editors-in-chief, a new phrase came into vogue around the Concordy office: “Let’s stir things up.” These words resonated with me and redefined the News section from focusing on last week’s speakers, concerts and club events to more investigative pieces that require in-depth reporting, research and teamwork.

The President speaking at General Electric, fraternity suspensions, sorority scandals and a new honor code are just a few of the many articles covered by the News section during my reign as News Editor.

The weeks of investigation, interviewing sources, meticulous fact-checking, last-minute deadlines, transcriptions of taped-recorded interviews and the rewarding feeling of watching crowds of students talking to one another while holding open Concordys in their hands.

As these memories flood my mind, I realize that as a staff, myself and my co-editors have truly contributed to more than just our respective sections, but to the paper and the campus as a whole.

The Concordiensis is more than just a weekly publication; it’s a family. The Concordy office has become the second home to myself and the other editors, where there is never a dull moment.

At any given Tuesday evening, every computer in the office is occupied with editors meticulously laying out their pages; copyeditors sprawled over desks munching chips, cookies and pasta salad, making sure not  to miss a single comma; editors-in-chief marching around checking over each section; music playing in the background; people running in and out of the office to keep up with their other commitments; and constant laughter and jokes.

After three and a half years of work on the Concordiensis, I will certainly miss the aforementioned days but am signing off and passing the proverbial torch to Ceillie Keane and Shayna Han to carry on the News legacy. In a larger sense, I am passing it on to all of the new editorial staff to carry on the Concordy’s journalistic endeavors and values for years to come.

I leave behind these lessons and memories but also want to express my hopes for the future of the Concordy.

Tess, Gabby and the rest of the new editors and staff writers, I hope you will all continue to “stir things up” by never backing down to the challenge of investigating a story for the benefit of the campus community and that you will all make this paper something you are truly proud to read every single week.



Katie Manko


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