Yearbook gets a makeover from Fugger and Pere


By Ryan Semerad

At the beginning of this term, Union’s 2011 yearbook, The Garnet, was officially printed.

Last year, The Garnet was defunct, and the production and publishing teams were depleted and ineffective. In the spring, Off the Stall II newsletter editors Erica Fugger ‘12 and Adam Pere ‘13 began an effort to save the yearbook.

When the dust settled two weeks after the term ended, Pere and Fugger had completed the book.

“I think [2011’s Garnet] is a success, better than the books in the past 15 years,” said Pere.

Despite this warm sentiment, the process was grueling for both Pere and Fugger.

“There was a point of time where I hated it, but now that I see it printed I’m proud of it,” said Pere.

Fugger noted that the workload didn’t appear as daunting when she began working for the book’s staff.

“At our first meeting [in the spring] there was an enthusiastic showing, but the rush effort didn’t allow for group cohesiveness,” she said.

In the end, Fugger and Pere had to restyle the book entirely on their own.

This independent spirit has carried over to the creation of the 2012 yearbook. The first step—a name change—has already been completed; the 2012 book will be called THE UNION BOOK.

Pere and Fugger have made this decision as an homage to Union’s yearbook in the late ‘60s and ‘70s, which was stylistically more in line with what the two have in mind for the book.

“We want to avoid the high school collage yearbook. We want a more artistic, stylistic book,” said Pere.

“The yearbook is about preserving memory, and also communicating our place in history. We want [the book to show] what it means to be a Union student now,” said Fugger.

The yearbook’s advisor, Assistant Director of Student Activities Kerrie Wolf-Piechota, is enamored by Pere and Fugger’s energy and enthusiasm.

“In 2004, there was one student working on the yearbook. In 2005, there were two. Now, because of Erica and Adam’s work and energy there are a lot of students working on the book,” said Wolf-Piechota. “Adam and Erica have revived the yearbook and the appreciation of having a physical book for the campus and for me,” she said.

This year’s THE UNION BOOK will be the 155th edition of Union’s yearbook.


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