Winter concert update


By Katie Ziemba

The students of Union College recently learned about the cancellation of the winter concert that was due to be held on Jan. 20.

Both The Cataracs and New Boyz were scheduled to perform, but their decision to cancel the show left many students wondering if the Concert Club would be able to fill in the gap and find another group to perform this winter.

While there are currently no concrete plans set for a winter concert, the Concert Club is “continuously working very hard to make this show happen,” according to club president Brenda Souza ‘15.

She says that Memorial Chapel will most likely hold the potential concert.

“Students helped brainstorm and compile a list of potential singer-songwriters to bring on campus for a late February, early March show,” she explained.

As for potential performers, the Concert Club is awaiting responses from Ingrid Michaelson and Eric Hutchinson, “two names [the Concert Club] found to be highly requested amongst various students, and promising of a successful turnout.”

Ingrid Michaelson is popular for hits such as “Be OK,” “The Way I Am” and “Parachute.”

Eric Hutchinson received much attention after his hit song “Rock & Roll” was featured in the soundtrack of the popular Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies.

The Concert Club awaits positive news from either of these artists within the next week and is always open to suggestions from the student body.

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