What I Learned in London…


By Sam Bertschmann

Having studied literary devices as an English major, it was interesting during my time in London to evaluate instead the methods used to put together a play or dance show, for these two mediums share several similarities – namely, the interpretation of a text – but also differ in that theatrical shows are concerned with visual and aural components in addition to the story itself.

I have found the study of theater to be a worthwhile pursuit, for there is much to be learned from the production of these shows. Now, I look for different aspects depending on the production.

For a piece like Comedy of Errors, I pay more attention to direction and set, given that the script has been established for centuries. For newer plays like Ex or The Veil, I place a higher emphasis on the writing, though this isn’t to say that I neglect other components, such as acting, design, or choreography.


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