What I Learned in London


By Samantha Moyer

Over the past three weeks I saw nine theatrical performances. This condensed exposure stimulated my greater appreciation for theater and its production values.

Entering this course, I was fairly unaware of the many components that contributed to the successful telling of a complex and cohesive storyline. Lighting, costuming, set design, acting, and direction are all important aspects of a production.

The one component where I gained the most significant interest was with the acting performances. Shows like Ex, Jerusalem, and The Veil rested heavily on the skills of the actors to carry the shows. As the term progressed, I became much more cognizant of what I look for in an actor and what I personally consider ‘good.’ Commitment to the character, both emotionally and physically (if called for), really effect the opinion I hold of the performances and the show.

I now consider myself a better informed critical viewer of theater with a stronger understanding of theater’s importance in society.


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