U Sustain donation to improve recycling system


By Maddie Cullerton

On Wednesday, Jan. 11, an anonymous donor granted U-Sustain $8,000 to revamp Union’s recycling system.

“It’s a great opportunity for the campus and the environmental community to build upon our recent successes and create a more sustainable campus,” said Kyle Lanzit ‘13 in response to the announcement about the grant.

The anonymous donation to U-Sustain was designated to be used for an environmental project on campus. Many students involved with the campus group proposed ideas for how the money should be used. Marissa Peck ‘14 and Billy Phillips ‘14 presented some of the more popular ideas. Peck’s project involved creating energy from the gym’s elliptical machines and Phillips’ proposal focused on converting one of the trollies to biodiesel fuel.

Peck commented, “It is really great to see alumni interested in investing in sustainable and environmentally friendly causes. I also think it’s great that students are challenged to raise money for a matched donation by the donor. This is a great way to show that we are also invested in the project.”

“Thanks to Kyle Lanzit, Marissa Peck, and Billy Phillips for their creativity and initiative in presenting these ideas. I hope that all of them are able to be funded in the near future,” said head of U-Sustain professor Jeffrey Corbin.

Ultimately, Lanzit’s project received the most votes and was approved. His project will revitalize the current recycling system by installing more bins around campus to encourage more recycling of plastics, glass and other materials. With Union entering its third year in the national Recyclemania competition, the project targets areas that will help Union to achieve an even better score this year in the competition.

“I’m hoping we can use it as a launching off point for other projects that will be funded by Union College’s new green fee and the new VP of Sustainability on Student Forum,” said Lanzit.


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