Republican woes


By BenSchlegel

Things are finally looking up for the former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich, thanks in part to Sarah Palin’s vote of confidence. His win on Saturday in South Carolina over the former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, proved encouraging, as the race for the Republican presidential candidacy has become that much more interesting.

Romney may still be in the lead, but the momentum Gingrich gained after having what he described as “the best debate I’ve had this year” might just push him over the edge.

Last Thursday, Rick Perry dropped out of the Republican presidential race in order to endorse Gingrich’s candidacy. This vote of confidence and increase in funds for Gingrich has evened the playing field between him and Romney. In the past two weeks, Romney’s lead over Gingrich has been cut in half and continues to decrease. The race for the Republican presidential candidacy has come down to a competition between Romney and Gingrich.

Although things may be looking up for Gingrich in the Republican  race, it does not look like he, or Romney for that matter, currently have enough popularity to go up against Obama in the overall presidential election. Recently things have been looking good for Obama, thanks to encouraging economic news and troublesome fighting among Republicans. His confidence still comes from supporters endorsing his campaign as they did in the 2008 election. The recent increase in his popularity as a result of the infighting among Republicans has only further boosted Obama’s audacity.

If the Republican party wants a chance to win the impending election in nine months, then candidates are going to have to increase their popularity and restore people’s confidence in the party.


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