New VP of Sustainability position coming soon


By Joshua Ostrer

On Jan. 11, Student Forum informed the student body of the new Vice President of Sustainability position.

Elections for the newly created position will be held on Jan. 25 in Reamer Campus Center.

“The process was started by a group of students who saw the need for it, and though many of the original founders of the position and the green fee have graduated, we [Student Forum] saw to it that their commitment to green initiatives for the student body was carried out,” said Student Forum President Mital Patel ‘12.

In order for the VP of Sustainability position to be introduced, the Student Forum constitution had to be changed, which required many students to get their signature and petition forms filled out last spring. Patel notes that this process was a very difficult task.

The road to creating a new green position on Student Forum was not without its problems.

“The greatest difficulty, in my eyes, was the disconnect between the students who graduated last year and the committee that was involved this year,” commented Patel.

However, despite the absence of the graduated students, the green initiative continued.

“Current students involved were able to work through some of the gaps and make a position which will be most beneficial for this campus,” Patel said.

Patel also commented on the magnitude of the position. “The new Vice President of Sustainability will be able to really help the green fee committee get situated with their new responsibilities. He or she will serve as the liaison between the Student Forum and the green fee [committee].”

The new VP of Sustainability will be an executive board member position on Student Forum granted a vote on all forum issues.

“He or she hopefully will make the Student Forum more environmentally aware,” said Patel.

Anyone interested in the new position can contact Patel or student trustees Randy Miller ‘12 and Scudder Clay ’13.


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