Mystery Lamont construction revealed


By Jordana Kozupsky

While the closing down of the Beuth/Lamont House parking lot for the end of fall term inconvenienced some, there is a greater goal behind the Lamont House construction.

The building is set to become the new home for faculty in the classics, philosophy, religious studies and anthropology departments.

The goal of the renovations, which should be completed by July 15, is to “gut” the interior by “reconfiguring the floor plan at each level, which will provide office space for faculty and administrative assistants, as well as faculty and student meeting rooms, and new restrooms,” explained Director of Facilities Loren Rucinski.

In addition, a new staircase, central cooling system and first floor foyer will be added.

“The plan [is] to increase faculty office space so that all of the faculty can have offices on campus,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Dean Steve Leavitt.

There are some staff who are disappointed about the results of the plan. It was rumored that Health and Counseling Services were going to be moved to Lamont House after “feeling pressured that they do not have enough space where they currently are,” Leavitt acknowledged. However, Lamont House will not be their final destination. “We have been having discussions on what to do about that, but nothing has been decided.”

Director of Health Services Angela Stefanatos confirmed that she feels the current setup of her workspace is not ideal.

“It doesn’t make sense having your exam room as your office space,” she said.

However, she did reveal that as of Friday, a new deal was in the works to having Health Services attached to the fitness center. “[The new space] would be a lot more like a doctor’s offices.”

While no definitive plans have been made regarding Health Services, Leavitt confirmed that the faculty would begin using the new offices in Lamont in the fall.


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