Do it in the Dark


By Maddie Cullerton

The annual Do It In the Dark campaign starts on Wednesday, Feb. 1. The campus-wide energy competition sponsored by Ozone aims to promote awareness about reducing energy consumption in daily campus life.

All members of the campus community can participate in this annual effort.

The campus is divided into five divisions: Greeks, theme houses, residence halls, Minervas and offices. For a month, these divisions will be monitored on their energy consumption and the ones with the least energy usage win a grand prize.

“Ways to reduce are simple. Unplug your computer when not in use, use CFL lightbulbs, turn off your lights when not in use, use powerstrips and turn them off when not in use. These simple moves can win you the competition,” advised Marissa Peck ‘14.

“I think the most important thing is informing as many students as possible and get them excited about doing it in the dark!” she said.

Sign-ups for each residential category are this week in Reamer. The competition culminates in a kick-off party on Friday at Breazzano House from 10 – 11 p.m. with DJ Robotrix (Union alum Rob Connelly ‘11). The event will be sponsored by Breazzano, Ozone and the Environmental Club. All participants are welcome to join and support the cause.

“I think it’s great to promote sustainability while having a swell time doing it!” said Jane Williams ‘13.


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