Container crackdown: New campus policies


By Ajay Major

Campus Safety officers will now issue Policy Violation Notices (PVNs) to students who are found in violation of the college’s open container and alcohol policies.

This policy change is due to a recent increase in outdoor alcohol policy violations.

“We heard anecdotally from Campus Safety about the violations,” said Dean of Students Steve Leavitt. “We think it sends a wrong message if we allow students to wander around with open containers.”

PVNs are tickets that Campus Safety officers fill out and give to students at the time of a policy violation.

“Officers can identify the person on the PVN, give the ticket to the student and hand it in,” said Director of Campus Safety Christopher Hayen. “It’s not a full report. It’s just a quicker, easier way to deal with a situation.”

Leavitt also said that PVNs are easier for officers. “Rather than file a formal report, all they have to do is fill out a ticket and hand it to [the deans]. It’s an abbreviated way, an attempt to make it easier for officers to police the campus,” he said.

The use of PVNs as an enforcement tool is not new to Campus Safety. “We used to do them as a common practice about five to six years ago,” said Hayen. “They were used to address a specific problem with open containers, and they had a positive effect. Once the problem became manageable again, we stopped using them.”

Hayen also explained that they fell out of use because officers were required to fill out the PVN and submit a full report. “They weren’t work-smart,” said Hayen.

The PVNs will treat open container violations around campus similarly to those found in residence halls.

One to two points can be assigned to a student depending on previous disciplinary sanctions.

“As for what the deans do with [the PVNs], we don’t have control over that,” said Hayen.


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