College’s ‘strategic plan’ discussed over lunch


By Nicholas Brenn

During the Tuesday common lunch hour this term, the campus community is invited to attend a series of presentations in Olin Auditorium that address new academic initiatives at Union.

Dean of Faculty Therese McCarty organized these special discussions to reflect Union’s unique attributes while highlighting campus goals.

On Jan. 10, the first conversation was held to discuss revisions to Union’s Strategic Plan, which was implemented by the Board of Trustees in early 2007.

The Strategic Plan is a collective vision to set values and missions for all aspects of Union.

The plan addresses the academic program, research opportunities, investment management and several other relevant topics.

McCarty acknowledged that the revised Strategic Plan should have a more “explicit list of goals as compared to the current list.”

In order to create a more cohesive set of goals, she also notes “particular offices and departments should have their own plans that speak not only to their own departments but also to the Strategic Plan.” McCarty believes the importance of such discussions is undeniable.


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