A day of service: Union honors memory of MLK


By Jessica Doran

The Civil Rights mini-term is a two and half week trip starting in Charleston, S. C. and ending in New Orleans.

Amanda Schlossberg ‘13 participated in the trip and provided insight into some of the amazing things she learned.

“The trip started off with some background information, where we learned about slavery in order to lay a foundation for societal construction of the black individual.  The rest of the trip focused on the civil rights movement and the accomplishments and obstacles that individuals in this movement faced.”

The students on the trip learned about civil rights activists and peacemakers, individuals who supported the philosophy of non-violence and were instrumental in the youth movement.

Certain famous individuals even spoke directly to the group, so the students got a firsthand recollection of extremely important events in history and the peace movement.

Union got a taste of this type of thinking as well on Tuesday when the Office of Multicultural Affairs sponsored “Exploring Concepts of Non-Violence, Peaceful Resistance and Civil Disobedience.”

The non-violent approach was instrumental to MLK during the Civil Rights Era, and bringing it to Union is extremely beneficial to the way we interact with each other.

Schlossberg said, “This mini-term was truly an educational and life changing experience.  The mini-term opened my eyes to a world that I had never explored before in both the past and the present.  The deadliest weapon against our generation is our own ignorance.”

This is exactly the sentiment that Benitez echoed in his explanation of his hopes for the event on Monday: “This is all about exposure, we want to bring the outside community in and enlighten everyone.”


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