How Twitter is changing the game


By Ian Schwartz

On November 29, @UnionNHprimary, the Union College New Hampshire primary mini-term account, used Twitter to ask presidential candidate Jon Huntsman a question.

Huntsman, a Republican from Utah, was doing a live Q&A session from his Twitter account. Although he did not answer @UnionNHprimary, he responded to numerous questions on many different subjects from people all over the country.

Since its creation in 2006, Twitter has evolved into an incredible way for people to receive information at a speed never before seen.

“The use of Twitter in the weeks leading up to the New Hampshire primary has been nothing short of astonishing,” Benjamin Engle ‘12, who has been a major contributor to the group’s Twitter account.

The @UnionNHprimary account was launched a few days before the members of the mini-term arrived in Manchester. @UnionNHprimary immediately began following all of the presidential candidates, as well as the major news outlets that exist on a local and national level. Many of the students on the program activated their phones to receive updates from the account and almost instantly, information began coming in.

Below are some of the Tweets that have been coming in over the last few days:

@THEHermanCain: From Team HC: Please take a moment to encourage Mr. Cain to stay in the race and fight for freedom!

@MittRomney: Grateful for the opportunity to catch up with George and Barbara Bush this afternoon

@NewHampPrimary: RT @jonhuntsman: Nearing end of great six-day NH swing. Stopped in at the famous @RedArrow24Diner for lunch with the H-Crew. #fitn…

@WMUR9: Perry Confuses Voting Age In Talk With Students: You might say Rick Perry courted the youth, but not the whole y…

Candidates are using Twitter as another campaign tool to get their messages out to the public, bash other candidates and provide information to their followers. Conversely, media outlets use Twitter to provide updates about where candidates are located, what they are saying and how they are boosting or hurting their chances of winning the nomination.

“It’s incredible that this social networking service has evolved in to such a vital part of campaigning. @UnionNHprimary will continue to use its account to find out information about candidates and get news at a lightening speed. #twitterischangingtheworld,” said Engle.


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