THE MAN, THE MYSTERY: Editor investigates Eliphalet Nott Twitter account


By Tess Koman

Union’s most mysterious Tweeter has us all asking: well, if it’s Nott you, then who is it?

Someone tweeting under the name @NottEliphalet has garnered 204 followers and is constantly commenting on campus events and traditions.

Who else would know that, “@notttheIDOL was tipped over in 1935, 1941, and 1947” and that “@tessie_the_mess @Concordiensis I’ve been on the front pagefor much worse (Lottery Scandal, Succession Issues, Botany Bay, strokes).”

At first I thought it was funny. After awhile, Nott got a little feisty with the Tweets. Then he got a little raunchy.

A little piece of advice from Nott? “Ladies in the #Union2015 class: Please remember to gather your undergarments from the sidewalk after completing the naked Nott. #decency.”

On top of that? He mentioned his Halloween costume idea: “For Halloween, I’m dressing up like a Union student…on an ordinary Saturday night…#amess.”

So who the hell is it? I’ve come up with some qualifications myself. Whoever it is is not only an avid Tweeter, but also a sassy one at that. He or she is definitely into Union history or history in general.

I started with someone who I thought might have an idea and went from there.

“I don’t who [who it is],” said Matt Milless, director of Student Activities. “I think it’s someone who is thoroughly engaged and very passionate about the campus. Actually… I could see Ben Engle and Ben Foster being in it together.”

Engle, a senior, squashed that rumor.

“I’m honored that some think it is me, but I don’t have the time or the energy to do something that creative,” he said. “After seeing more recent tweets, I think it is a woman. I’ve also heard that it might be the guy who tweets for the Garnet yearbook.”

That guy is Adam Pere ’13. From abroad in Prague, he comments, “I know there was a time when people thought Nott was either Erica [Fugger ‘12] or myself *cough* Ajay [Major ‘12] and Concordy *cough* but people were wrong. I like to think it’s funny to let people think it’s me so I don’t usually flat out deny the accusations.”

On top of that, Pere added: “I think Nott has gone from a novelty account to an attention whore.”

Fugger also denies the accusations that she is the mystery Tweeter.

“I guess I smile and laugh and adamantly deny but secretly wish I were the person!” she said. “I’ve weeded out the faculty subjects. Whoever it is mentions Brian Karimi a lot…”

What did Karimi ‘12 have to say about that? “Haha, no.”

Just keep Tweeting, sir. We’ll figure you out soon enough.



Tess KomanNews Editor

Editor’s Note: Tips as to the Tweeter’s identity should be forwarded to komant@garnet.union .edu or Tweeted @tessie_the_ mess.


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