Piano duo brief but strong


By Willem Weinstein

It turns out that a soothing midday concert is just what’s needed to take your mind off the busy week of tests and homework and classes.

On Thursday, Oct. 27, I was delighted to be distracted by the company of Janet Obi-Keller and David Wordsworth playing a classical piano duet.

Sadly, the concert was rather quite small and I couldn’t really get a grasp on the duo’s ability. But what I did hear was exactly what I would expect such a small event would bring.

They played three different pieces. “Two Cuban Dances,” composed by Lionel Sainsbury, which was a warm, happy song, supposedly reflecting the culture of Cuba.

“Water’s Edge,” composed by Music Professor Hilary Tann, happened to be at the concert and informed its audience that the song was about the Mohawk River. I thought it could have been more fitting to allow the audience to consider its meaning on their own.

The final piece was entitled, “Six morceaux op11,” and was composed by the great Serge Rachmaninov. The song consisted of all the expected parts of a traditional Russian piece.

Because of the brevity and compact nature of the event I couldn’t bring myself to be fully immersed in the music, as would have been preferable. But I did enjoy myself quite a bit.

I don’t have enough of a background in classical piano to give an informed statement as to the performers. But I can say that I would recommend anyone who is even slightly interested in piano to look into the music. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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