Letter from the Editors: A call for further discussion


By Rhea Howard

As you all know, in just 19 short days, Union’s 2011 fall term will draw to an anxiously awaited close. However, although we’re all ecstatic to return home for Mom’s Thanksgiving turkey and the cozy holiday spirit, at the Concordiensis we will certainly miss the excitement and discussion inspired by Union student journalism this term.

While some articles in particular elicited intense emotional responses across campus, they also serve to remind us of the importance and necessity of an independent student publication. Union’s student body has the right to know not only what is happening across campus, but also their peers’ opinions and reactions. Consequently we would like to personally thank those of you who wrote in to express your opinions regarding campus issues as well as your thoughts on the accuracy and relevance of the articles published in the Concordiensis.

Without constant campus feedback, the Concordy will become an inaccurate depiction of campus life and attitude rather than a lively evolving discussion and dynamic forum for student expression. The Concordiensis is our newspaper—written by students, for students—and so we implore you to think of the Concordy when you’re debating the injustice or necessity of campus policy among friends. Have an opinion? Write! Your thoughts can only be heard if you express them—and that is exactly why we’re here.

Although many of you took advantage of the comment thread on the Concordiensis website and wrote  some truly emotionally charged posts, students across campus who were not constantly refreshing that one article or did not scroll down to your particular comment were not privvy to your opinion. On the other hand, articles submitted and published in Concordiensis are saved online, are distributed across campus and are archived by the college. If you want to be heard, remembered and a catalyst for further debate, the Opinions section is the perfect forum. Each week’s issue of the Concordy ought to be a physical manifestation of diverse campus attitudes, but that is impossible without constant input.

On another note, congratulations to the 581 new students in the class of 2015. You have now experienced the marathon sprint of a ten-week term! It is our sincere hope that you learned, prospered and enjoyed yourselves!

We cannot wait to see what issues will spark the active  and collective voice of the student body winter term. But until then, enjoy the snow, hot chocolate and home-cooked food.

All our best,






Rhea Howard and Gabriella Levine

Opinions Editors


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