Follow up on online registration


By Nicholas Brenn

This fall, all upperclassmen registered for their winter term courses from the comfort of their own computers.

After receiving positive feedback from the juniors who registered for courses online last spring term, the Registrar decided to extend the opportunity to all upperclassmen this fall who responded with similar praise.

“I received a lot of positive feedback from the students, which is very encouraging,” explains  Penelope Adey of the Registrar’s Office.

She believes that without having to wait in line at Hale House or scramble to get an advisor’s signature, students’ stress level was generally lower as it has been during course registration periods.

However, Adey also ennumerated some annoyances that come with the course registration process. [pullquote]“I received a lot of positive feedback, which is very encouraging.”

Penelope Adey Registrar[/pullquote]

“We had the usual issue of labs closing up and students needing to shift around their courses to accommodate open sections, but that is something that occurs regardless of the format of registration,” she said.

Hansong Qu ‘14 was very pleased with his course registration experience.

“Being able to register in my pajamas was very enjoyable,” said Qu. “I set an alarm before my registration time slot, woke up from my slumber and flawlessly registered for my winter term courses before falling back asleep.”

Starting next term, Adey tells us that first-year students will also be able to register for courses online.

The Registrar will also have help desk support available next term, as well as computer terminals set up in Silliman Hall if students find it easier to register with the support of the Registrar.

Additionally, students will still be able to make adjustments to their schedules on WebAdvising until the third week in December.

Any remaining schedule conflicts before the start of winter break can still be settled in person at Silliman Hall.

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