A look ahead: WRUC’s future


By Jacob Larocca

This article is the writer’s own and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Concordiensis or its staff.

The future of WRUC is a promising one, but there is a significant amount of work that still needs to be done to make that future possible. In order for WRUC to be restored to its former glory, future executive boards must continue to be passionate and completely dedicated to WRUC.

Some of our plans for the near future and long term include a new website, reviving student sports broadcasting, more involvement in campus events, student recordings  and changing our programming to be a little more interesting to the student body.

Soon, WRUC will have a “shiny” new website designed by Nick Ferrara ‘14 and made possible by the WRUC tech team.

The new website will include DJ profiles, show schedules, song picks of the week and a link so you can listen to WRUC everywhere you go.

In addition, once our new website is online, our station will be listed under College Radio in iTunes, which means our streaming link will be much easier to access. Doing so will make it easier for us to contact alumni and prospective students.

A new batch of equipment will be arriving in the coming weeks which will once again allow us to run remote broadcasts.  Remote broadcasting  makes it possible for students to broadcast live from our sports games, events, bands (Chet’s?)  and many more exciting possiblities.

The new remote broadcasting  device will allow us to broadcast from anywhere that has a cell signal or access to a phone line.

In terms of higher involvement, we now have a set of speakers and DJ equipment that any student, Minerva or student organization can “rent” for a night in order to DJ a party.

Currently, the upstairs studio of WRUC is home to a fully functioning recording studio, equipped with a drumset, keyboard, guitar amplifier, microphones and all  the necessary recording equipment. This studio is available to be used by students interested in recording.

Some ideas that have been suggested for new programming is a daily new broadcast that can be heard in Upper and Dutch, a “loveline” that will discuss all of your relationship troubles, a student comedy show and trivia shows. A few professors have even voiced interest in hosting their own shows.

In the next few years, our hope is that the size of the executive board will grow to include more students, allowing for more productivity, events and campus involvement.

If any of you are interested, contact Jacob Larocca or Zachary Pearce, the General Managers of WRUC.


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