A Concordy Minute: Interview with Concert Club President Brenda Souza


By Sam Bertschmann

What does Concert Club have planned for winter term?

We’re officially having a concert on Friday, January 20. I cannot say who will be attending just yet because we are still working with our agent to decide who our second act will be, but the artist names will be released very soon! All I can say is get ready for a great production!

Why was there no fall concert this year?

We could not come to a consensus on who to bring, and because we took a long time trying to decide who to book, in the end it was too late to start making offers. Fortunately, we will have a winter concert instead, so students will still have a show to attend. Our goal was to bring a great artist on campus that everyone had a chance to vote for.

How do you go about deciding who to bring to campus?

Our main goal is to get as many voices heard on campus as possible. We encourage students to sign up as a member of Concert Club during our Club Expo event, and from there we hold general body meetings to get students’ ideas on who to bring on campus. Unfortunately, not that many students show up for our meetings, so in order to get more opinons this year, I created a Facebook page where people could post their artist ideas and then vote for their favorites so that we could get names to send to our agent. Again, our goal is to bring someone most of the campus will enjoy. The reality is that we cannot please all, but we try to please some!

What do you do as President of Concert Club?

I am responsible for various duties ranging from running our meetings to helping set up and breakdown the production on the day of the show. I also work with our club’s agent and Student Activities to book artists. I work with our club’s Public Relations Chair to create and implement promotional strategies so that we can advertise the concert and motivate students to attend. It’s a big title to hold, and sometimes very stressful, but at the end of the day it’s all very rewarding!

How can students get more involved with Concert Club?

Students can get involved in many ways. One way is to attend our general body meetings. We hold about 4-6 meetings a term. Students usually sign up for the committee at Club Expo, but if they don’t and are still interested in getting involved, we are more than happy to have them on our team. Email me at souzab@garnet.union.edu and we will add you to our email list!


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