The Yorks compared


By Lauren Nesworthy

One of the things that, to me, makes New York so different from any city I’ve encountered in England (and for that matter, anywhere else in the world) is how divided it is—it’s like a whole bunch of small worlds randomly crammed together into one giant city!

In the morning I leave my hotel in the heart of Chinatown, a few minutes later I turn a corner and suddenly find myself wandering through Little Italy. In an instant, I’m surrounded by different people, different food, a different language. It’s incredibly surreal.

It seemed like every time I turned around, there was something different to see and a new aspect of the city to experience. Taking in Times Square for the first time, all I could think was how incredible it is that so much energy and life could be packed into just one space.

Encountering Central Park was also another new experience. It’s not that we don’t have parks in cities in England—if you ever venture to York and want the ideal picnic spot, I highly recommend the lovely Museum Gardens.

Central Park, however, was something else altogether for me. Only a minute after walking into it, I felt as though I had left the loud and hectic world of the city far behind.

Had it not been for those ridiculously tall buildings looming over the tree tops, I would have almost found it difficult to believe it was even still out there.


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