Student Forum elections coming up


By Greg Brenn

The time has come for the election of first-year representatives. This coming week, the members of the class of 2015 will have the chance to vote for candidates to represent them in Student Forum.

This year, 11 first-year students are competing for the roles of President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. The candidate with the most votes wins the presidency, and so on.

Even though the candidates have only been at Union for five weeks, these students have the opportunity to act as voices for the rest of their class.

Randy Miller ‘12, Senior Student Trustee and an active member of Student Forum said, “Forum members are dedicated to representing the interests of their fellow students by acting as liaisons between the student body and the administration.”

The first-year representatives create an “open channel of communication” so that the interests of their peers can be fully taken into consideration in a professional setting.  From the creation of clubs to enacting special dining requests, the first-year representatives have become immersed in the administration of various affairs around campus.

Christopher Sainato ‘14, former freshman class president and current sophomore class vice president has helpful advice for those new students hoping to be involved with Student Forum.

“Do not be timid,” he said. “In my first year on Student Forum, I was never shy about raising my hand and expressing my opinion or a classmate’s opinion in a discussion, and not once did I think that my contributions to Student Forum were less important than the contributions of the upperclassmen sitting around me.”

Sainato’s final piece of advice to the campus community is to give the student body a chance to get to know the candidates. The freshman class needs to know more about the interests of the class than simply knowing that they want to represent the class.

“Saying the election is a ‘popularity contest’ is not accurate, but what is true is that other classmates will not be open with their concerns if they don’t know who you are.  Be relatable, be creative, and have fun with this opportunity, because it will be an extremely rewarding experience,” he said.


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